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A magazine feature captured Lynne's attention. A lady had won cars, holidays, prizes galore for her home, and even the house itself. Inspired, Lynne decided to enter prize competitions and was delighted to win a gift voucher in a local store crossword puzzle contest. She was hooked. And it lead to a fascinating adventure, winning two cars, worldwide holidays and appearing on TV, all of which began with a coffee jar label on an interviewers desk...

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Congratulations you have won… Can you imagine the thrill of winning cars, holidays and treats for your family. Lynne Suzanne, prizewinning author of how to win competition prizes and slogan writing books, shares her secrets of success with you in her latest book. Packed with winning tips, hints and anecdotes, Win Cars Holidays and Prizes will help you along the prize winning trail to success, whilst Punchlines book is packed with puns and inspirational slogan writing ideas.

Lynne has won thousands of pounds worth of competition prizes

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Lynne has won thousands of pounds worth of prizes since she began comping in the 1990's, writing Win With Lynne features for national and local newspapers and magazines, hosted comping days and weekends around the UK and edited a competition magazine. After a break of many years, Lynne has now returned to this exciting pastime that all your family can enjoy, and discovers prize competitions you can enter. Happy Comping, Lynne

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Comping, entering prize competitions, is a wonderful pastime. I have experienced the thrill of winning cars, marvelled at the wonder of Victoria Falls and Angel Falls, coasted the Cape and South Africa's glorious garden route, enjoyed prize-winning family holidays, toys, gifts and wonderful prizes for my family and friends. All thanks to prize competitions. I love to share my secrets of success with you.

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